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Stainless steel has long been the go-to choice for door hardware in health and social care settings, valued for its perceived durability and hygienic qualities. However, it is crucial to acknowledge and address the drawbacks associated with its use.

One major concern lies in the collection of harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses on stainless steel surfaces, which can linger for up to 72 hours. Given that door hardware is constantly touched, this poses a significant risk to the health and well-being of residents, patients, staff and visitors.

Another concern is that different grades of stainless steel are available, each with unique properties and applications. In the case of hardware, lower grades of stainless steel are commonly used, which can be susceptible to tarnishing and corrosion. This is especially true in environments with high moisture levels or when exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals, which can compromise the appearance and longevity of the hardware.

To combat these challenges head-on, we’ve created Armasmart®, a more advanced and dependable hardware solution that is suitable for health and social care settings.


Armasmart® Technology

Armadillo has developed and patented a smart additive technology that can be applied within an existing metallic plating process to provide excellent in-service protection.

The Armasmart® powder is added to existing electroplating solutions, then plated onto the metal surface requiring protection.

The additive forms within the metallic matrix and kills viruses continually with 100 x greater viral inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 than stainless steel alone. The additive is distributed in depth throughout the coating, thus providing protection over very long timescales.

The technology can be applied to multiple metallic systems and the additive is completely non-toxic and cost effective on scale.

Powerful Anti-Viral Properties

Powerful Anti-Viral Properties

Armasmart®’s advanced coating harnesses powerful properties to eliminate over 99%of viruses and other harmful microbes, including those that cause COVID-19 within a short timeframe, ensuring a safer environment for everyone, as verified in a Cat 3 testing facility.



Investing in Armasmart® from Armadillo proves to be a cost-effective choice in the long run. With its extended hardware lifespan and reduced cleaning requirements, you can save on the expenditure on cleaning agents. High quality products at highly competitive prices.

Enhanced Protection Against Corrosion & Tarnishing

Enhanced Protection Against Corrosion & Tarnishing

The specialised coating of Armasmart® provides exceptional resistance, significantly extending the lifespan of hardware, ensuring long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

Effortless Self-Sanitising Technology

Effortless Self-Sanitising Technology

Armasmart®’s coating possesses innovative self-sanitising properties, making it an ideal choice for high-touch surfaces. By reducing the need for frequent cleaning, it streamlines maintenance and eliminates the reliance on harsh chemicals.

Non-Toxic Assurance

Non-Toxic Assurance

Armasmart®’s coatings are non-toxic and noncarcinogenic, ensuring the well-being and safety of both users and the environment.

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Kills over 99% of viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (as verified in a Cat 3 testing facility)


Greater than 10x times corrosion resistance in a high UV Humidity chamber compared to Copper


Greater than 10x times corrosion resistance in a Salt Spray chamber compared to Copper


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